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chukwumaa, 2013
Ilford 125
Shot with a Canon A-1
(c) E. Jane

Today on @redeemus ‘s blog you can meet artists chukwumaa & E. Jane and read about their work and relationship! Photos by me!  #shopredeem #interview #blog #artists #chukwumaa #Ejane (at Redeem )

REDEEM: Interview: chukwumaa + E. Jane

When we first met Nigerian-born and D.C.-based visual artist chukwumaa (his name is pronounced “CHOO-KWOO-mah”, all lower-case), he was just about to purchase an engagement ring for his fiancé, artist E. Jane. The two had moved through the shop examining the jewelry cases until E. settled on an oxidized sterling silver ring (its pyramid shape mimicking that of a large diamond) which was just as unassumingly beautiful as she. We learned both are aspiring young artists currently based in Washington, D.C. who will be beginning their residencies at the University of Pennsylvania in Fall 2014.
chukwumaa and E. have known each since high school and have that kind of relationship that’s just easy. They encourage one another to do their own thing, and are unabashed to pursue their careers as individuals and artists. In June, E. closed out WAIT, a show she curated at D.C.’s Project 4, focusing on “the new media artist’s challenge of capturing viewer attention and focus in a highly saturated, over-stimulating digital landscape.”- something we definitely relate to. Constantly pushing each other’s limits, chukwumaa has shown his work at Transformer, Artisphere, Corcoran Gallery of Art, among others. We were fortunate enough to catch up with the artists for a short conversation about ideas, pursuing their MFAs in PA, and, more generally speaking, what’s next.

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Photos by Emma McAlary for Redeem
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Interview: chukwumaa + E. Jane


"Through my photographs, I try to dismantle the ideas of normalcy or ask what is normal, by recreating or capturing different moods or fantasies I have. These photographs fascinate me because I’m wondering if you can see the difference between a bipolar person and a regular person, and if there is any difference to see at all." - E. Jane


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